Traditional Peruvian Homemade Food


The House

Barranco is a special place that you have to visit and know… Barranco is a traditional district and it’s always being bohemian that inspired and keeps to inspiring poets, musicians, painters and artists of all kind and in all the times with its old houses, parks, chapels, romantic places, the sea, magic moments and El Puente de los Suspiros.

It’s been almost 90 years that our family lives in Barranco since 1930, and in this house, our house, which has been declared cultural heritage, is customary as in other places of South Lima, that the housework assistance is made by families of Afro-Peruvian young women, who are famous for their excellent taste and flavor to prepare delicious food.

The same family of Afro-Peruvian women, who are really artists in the kitchen, are still with us, as always, preparing exquisite Peruvian food for our family and this is what we would like to offer you gladly.

Live Music

In this house, we enjoy our food with our friends and family by singing the traditional music of Lima: Valses, Marineras Limeñas, Festejos, etc… Sometimes we play the piano, another time we play the guitar, the box drum, and other times, the pisco and voice are enough. And, as always, we keep doing this since decades, we celebrate the good and unforgettable moments that life gives to us and that we want to share with you. Welcome… And cheers!

Afro-Peruvian Culture Here, at Sóngoro Cosongo, we support the popular music culture and black singing (canto negro) of Lima. So, we have cooperated in the production of the CD of Ángel Lobatón “Afroperauno Son”, which was inspired in exciting musical experiences of the bohemian Lima at our facility, and is now available on iTunes.


Interviews and videos

Conoce el Sóngoro Cosongo

25 years ago the family decided to open a part of the house to share the excitement of food and traditional music with people. "Dale Play and learn more of the history of Sóngoro Cosongo. ▶ (( Vídeo gracias a SMM ))

1000 places to see before you die

About 10 years ago arrived in Lima the Huye husbands who traveled the world looking for 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, program for Discovery Travel Channel.

El bardo de Sóngoro Cosongo

"Hernán is one of the most affable people I know. He carries on his shoulders the weight of command the Sóngoro Cosongo, one of the legendary establishments in Peru, and with which he has filled lives of delightful stories." -por

Pisco Sour

▶ Come and enjoy our delicious Pisco Sour at home. ((Video by SMM))

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